Ynyr Davies' Portolio

Project Journey

Musical Instruments

Project 1 Image

Project 1: Inaugural Web Venture - Musical Instruments
My debut website, created during my first year at university, was a pivotal assignment that marked the initiation of my web development journey. Focused on musical instruments and their families, the project showcased my foundational skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. More than an exploration of musical information, it represented the inception of my passion for web development and the art of crafting digital spaces. This initial venture laid the groundwork for subsequent endeavors, providing a glimpse into the synergy of coding proficiency and creative expression.


Colour Randomizer

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Project 2: JavaScript Colour Randomizer - A prelude to the React Framework
Embarking on my second project served as a rejuvenating dive back into the world of JavaScript and its capabilities. Originally, my intention was to venture into learning a new JavaScript framework — React. However, given that I hadn't used JavaScript for half a year, I found it fitting to undergo a refresher before delving into the intricacies of a new framework. This period of revisiting JavaScript not only rekindled my familiarity with its syntax and functionalities but also provided a solid foundation for the upcoming exploration into React, ensuring a more confident and informed approach to my web development journey.



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